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Nothing is more important
    than your state of mind.  

When you are in a clear, calm, and centered state of mind, you have the awareness and ability to navigate every situation, conversation, or problem in your life with ease. 

You - clear, calm & centered.

Imagine having the confidence, tools, and know-how to kindly manage emotions, inspire action in yourself or others, and communicate effectively (regardless of circumstance), or effectively improve your health. This is what we call

inner evolution.

At The Grey Monkey Gym, we teach and coach on exactly this type of inner health and whole-person wellbeing, including the psycho-spiritual elements of evolved thinking, inspired action, and kick-ass communication.

But why "Grey Monkey"?

Buddhists call it the monkey mind. It is a state of mind typified by feeling unhappy, overwhelmed, anxious, unclear and drenched in attachment to the superficial. Like a monkey, this type of thinking runs around your psychological house destroying your peace, clarity, inner calm, and essentially, throwing poo at your goals, self-worth, and relationships.

At the Grey Monkey Gym we help you tame your inner ape and

evolve into a way of living that feeds your soul.

   Areas of Expertise:
  • Wellbeing, Health & Self-Care
  • Emotional Intelligence & Empathetic       Communication
  • Psychosomatics & Chronic Illness

Hi, I'm Lisa  . . .


I the created The Grey Monkey Gym to offer powerful, sustainable solutions to the most challenging parts of life -- because I needed those solutions! 


I wanted resolution for my years-long struggle with fat, food and fitness; I needed a better way to manage my thinking and emotions; I craved a way to communicate with people that brought peace and purpose to my interactions; I sought a way to resolve chronic illness from within -- to align with wellbeing.

Combining New Thought principles, wellness and behavior change practices, Emotional Intelligence skills, and interpersonal communication tools I was able to stop seeking. I found my solutions, and I want to help you find yours.


"A problem cannot be solved by the same level of consciousness that created it" - Albert Einstein

Whether you want to create vibrant wellbeing, establish a fresh career focus, develop a practice of true self-care, influence the path of a chronic condition, or implement peaceful parenting, I help you develop the inner structure you need to make changes and sustain them.

Through The Grey Monkey Gym, I offer products and services to help you create and sustain your powerful solutions, or what I call an inner evolution. Together, we tame your inner ape and build a life that feeds your soul

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"Lisa has a gift: helping people achieve their personal goals while gradually shifting their mindset. It's a brilliant combination."
—  Rex, CEO

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If you are interested in working with me, or would like more information about the products or services I offer, I would love to hear from you! 

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Lisa Nordquist


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