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Personal Coaching

Move forward in a clear, meaningful direction with the attention and energy you need to make a difference. I help my clients synergize values, mindset, and their deepest selves to live with a fresh focus and act on what matters most to them.

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Be it a career decision, struggles parenting a teen, hiccups in self-care habits, or needing an upgraded communication style, personal coaching is a powerful way to take action in those areas of life that you feel stuck or unclear. 

Health & Wellness Coaching

I work with individuals and private health practices to help people build a happily-ever-healthy lifestyle. In fact, I wrote a book on it. As a Mayo Clinic Certified Health & Wellness Coach and over 20 years experience as an ACE certified Personal Trainer, I have in depth knowledge on behavior change, strength training, weight management, and injury prevention.



If you are interested in honoring your self with the habit of balanced self-care, or you want to integrate wellness coaching into your medical practice, for individuals or groups, please contact me.

Training, Groups & Workshops

I offer a variety of presentations for all kinds of organizations and businesses. My style is informative and fun, irreverent and action-oriented. I always leave my audience with practical takeaways, as well as a feeling of personal connection and inspiration. 






Please contact me for a full range of presentation topics and speaker fees.

I speak on a range of topics related to mindset, wellbeing, interpersonal communication, and health. I have been fortunate that I have been featured as a guest on T.V., several radio shows, and podcasts.

What clients & customers have to say...

“Lisa brought up things I didn't address because I am too busy or thought they couldn't be changed. She helped shift my mindset from what it was, to what I want it to be, and has helped me find how live there. ” -Diane
"The feeling I come away with after our conversations is a calm confidence. The characteristic 'mini-panic' that I would have following a setback is gone. And I find myself more pursuant of the goal because of the calm confidence"  -Allan

“Lisa is an outstanding coach--this was obvious from our initial phone conversation.”  -Samantha

"Lisa motivates like no other and offers a perfect balance of charm, whit, encouragement and incredible knowledge of health & fitness.” -Lauren
“Lisa has helped me become stronger and more balanced. I feel like I could conquer the world! She is a great motivator and a wonderful source of support and inspiration."
"I have been extremely pleased with Lisa. She is very knowledgeable and is also very pleasant to work with. I felt immediately at ease with her and I hope she stays part of our associate programs." -Lynda

"I would like to say thank you   (to the company) f or

providing not just fitness training, but true wellness training." -Elissa

"We were impressed by your presentation and the audience response was exceptional. It is a testimony to you as a speaker that you were able to bond so quickly with the audience. Your ability to energize is similar to Tony Robbins." -Jack,
Executive Director, EncourageMint

"We wanted to thank you again for the wonderful series of classes you put on. They were wonderful!"

-Sheila, Minister,

First Church of Religious Science.

About My Approach 

I integrate the principles of New Thought, health science, Positive Psychology, and current models of behavior change, to offer a completely different approach to whole-person wellbeing. I work with individuals, groups, and companies throughout San Diego County. In 2014, I wrote and published Love Yourself Fit: the struggle-free way to end your war with weight, eat anything & live happily-ever-healthy, winning the silver medal in the Global EBook Awards.


On a personal note, I grew up (mostly) in San Diego, 

splitting my first 9 years living on both east and west coasts as the daughter of a pro-football player. I struggled for decades with my weight, food, and exercise until I found the inner path to listening to- and showing up for myself. Technically, I have a "chronic illness" that I have found an incredible teacher and magnet for developing an inner self-care practice. I am blessed to be the happily married mother of two amazing people (currently weathering their teens). I love people, dogs, sci-fi, dark chocolate and wine (not necessarily in that order).  

In terms of my official qualifications, I have over 20 years invested in integrated wellbeing, personal coaching, and fitness. I am ACE certified as a personal trainer and have numerous specialty credentials and certifications in multiple areas such as Motivational Interviewing, CORE Dynamics Coaching, hormone and weight regulation, strength training, and behavior change. I have a Bachelors degree in Psychology (UNLV), and I am a Mayo Clinic certified Health & Wellness Coach. 

I invite you to try a free coaching session with me. I offer telephonic coaching (and in-person sessions in the San Diego area). Please contact me for details or questions. 


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